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It's a Beautiful Life

Perspective as we move through 2020.

Here we are walking right through the middle of not just an “event”, but a period of time that will be taught and written about for the rest of ever. There will someday be fictional stories taking place during the “historic pandemic of 2020”. History books will show pictures from this time and will attempt to walk the next generation through the events and the actions we took (or didn’t take). Science journals and books will hash out the statistics, the new findings and breakthroughs, and last but not least, political articles will discuss how the division in our country took us down one path or another.

Here we are walking right through it, and while our lives have been changed, mostly negatively, we have been almost forced to circle back “home” and pick back up some of the ways we accidentally lost over the last decade when we transitioned to living more of our lives on social platforms and spending less of our time focused on the people and places closest to us.

All of that brought us back here. It started with a ride out to the farm to look at an old 1972 Chevy truck that Doug was selling. What might not be needed on one farm anymore is a treasure at another, so with the idea of giving “Clem” a new home, we went out to the farm one evening after dinner to take a look.

What we found was heartwarming, inspiring, and worth sharing. This farmhouse was originally a spec home, built and fully designed by SLI. It had Doug and Cyndi’s name on it, but we didn’t know that at the time. The farmhouse had such a warm feel. We opened it up for a community event. It was the BEST time with the community, local artists, and businesses selling their handmade and fair trade items. It also helped fund a special trip to Africa for a beautiful friend, but that is another story! We had the best’s one of those memories that make your heart hurt a little bit because as memories and images from that night are remembered, the realization comes up that anything like that is gone, has been gone for months, and could be gone still for a long time to come.

The day after that fantastic event, the farmhouse hit the real estate market and Doug and Cyndi found it and made it their home.

We love Doug and Cyndi. We stayed in each other’s lives. Doug advises SLI in finance matters, and SLI designed and built a barn on the property. The relationship has been wonderful, with the swap of eggs when we see them, or even being in the hospital at the same time when Doug and Jeremiah’s son Micaiah, both had serious surgeries with issues relating to their hearts.

Even with the love, the business connections, and the friendship, it wasn’t until a pandemic hit that we ended up on the farm, right during that magical pre-sunset time when the farm chores were being done, and the creativity, passion, and love was literally sparkling from the whole place!

We wanted to bring you into that world, or at least give you a glimpse, so we had our friend, and fantastic photographer Carmen Cross, come out and capture it for you!

We hope that as you flip through these pictures, your heart will be encouraged to let go of the things you can’t control right now and spend your time with the people you love in the place where you can do almost anything you want to put your creative mark through it!

Doug and Cyndi, thank you for the simple, yet profound reminder that “it’s a beautiful life.” We at Silverline Inc. love your family and are thankful for your wisdom and friendship in our lives. We are thrilled that you took a vision that was carefully crafted, and grew it into your own masterpiece. Our prayer for your family, our families, and all those we love and work with is that we will come through this time more focused on what truly is precious in this life.

PS “Clem” indeed has a new home as well! The Chevy now resides at Mark and Lynnette’s farm and has another generation experiencing true roll down windows, the feel of vinyl seats, and that big, loud engine that brings an older generation back to their roots.

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